HappyGear is a utility that will allow newer, InputSprocket-compatible devices, such as USB joysticks and steering wheels to be used with games that were designed before InputSprockets were available, that needed compatibility with 68K machines, or that don't yet work with any gaming devices.

Here are some quotes from very happy users:

I think this is an exceptional piece of software design. It is easy to use and the ability to assign all keyboard functions to the device buttons, hats and switches is outstanding. Response to the joystick (via mouse movements) is smooth and responsive. - G.W.

A very usefull piece of software for using my Logitech WingMan Formula GP with IndyCar Racing II... Thanks for writing this !! - F.H.

THANK YOU! I can finally run IndyCar Racing II !!! - D.G.

My Thrustmaster Ferrari Modena Pro wheel works with PC and Mac G4 (very well indeed via HappyGear - thank you very much Mr. Austin!) - T.G.

I hadn't played x-wing in almost a decade and was itching to play it again.  It wouldn't work on my OSX machine, so I bought an old Mac.  While the game worked, the game wouldn't recognize my joystick.  I read about HappyGear on line, so I bought it and it works beautifully!  The support line was amazingly helpful initially when I had some difficulty with my machine.  Thanks!!! - P.L.

Some of the new Features in HappyGear 2 are:

  • Quick Device Create assistant to quickly create all the device elements for your gaming device!
  • Reorganized and simplified user interface!
  • Configure video and sound specific for each settings file!
  • Provide feedback to the system that the user is active while HappyGear is providing data! (This means: no more screen savers interrupting your programs!)
  • Fixed a problem saving calibration settings.
  • Added the ability to save "templates" to exchange with your friends!

Yeah, that's great. So how does it work? (click any image to get a larger view)

HappyGear allows users to define their own gaming device, and combine the functionality of one or more InputSprocket devices into a single device.

That can be used with almost any game available, whether it uses keyboard, mouse, or the pre-InputSprocket game device API, JoyManager.

HappyGear now provides a Quick Device Creator for quickly creating all the device elements that your gaming devices provide.

You can name each gaming device element with a name meaningful to you, the user, and then define how each element works with the program.

You have several options for how the device is to work: from providing an auto-centered analog input such as from a joystick or steering wheel, or a analog input that works from an end-to-end such as pedals or even a joystick or throttle input, to pressing keys on the keyboard for input to a program that has fixed a particular key to a particular function.

Two extremely useful features are the Switch and Key Sequence. A switch can act just like a button or keypress, or you can use the switch to act as a physical reminder of state, such as for a pause button or keystroke, where the transition from unpressed to pressed or pressed to unpressed will act the same as a single button. Now you'll know if you left the game paused or not by looking at the switch!

The second extremely useful feature is the Key Sequence. Each time you press the button, the next key in the sequence will be pressed. This can be used to cycle through various view or information screens, or through the exact weapons you want to use, if each item is a single keypress

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